BlushingBoy will set up a booth at Hacknight #2! “The goal for the night will be to have fun getting to know as many as possible within the Sweet South community of hackers and doers while putting together some electronics.”

David promised some activity, and just look at the list below. That’s one powerful little booth.

BlushingBoy logo

BlushingBoy is an online store for DIY electronics. Protip: Contact them if you’ve got stuff to sell.

CBM detailSoftwear close up

Quoting from David’s announcement:

  • make your own Softwear or Nerd Uprising t-shirt. Bring your own t-shirt, we will have the screens and the ink with us.
  • …or just get one of our designs, we have 30 of each to sell, so bring cash
  • get some of the Adafruit catalogue, cheap Arduino boards, and some of our kits that we still have in stock
  • check out and pre-order some very nice Japanese magazine-kits from Gakken
  • an Arduino pushing PCM sound out of a digital pin and a block of code in the need to become a library… bring your own Arduino board, a stereo plug, some headphones and let’s crack the code together


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