Forsken now only reside irl at Kontrapunkt (Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26).

Our thing at fbrkn/stpln, has ended. Where they nowadays trying to organize a Fablab -thingy. Arduinoverkstad has largely abandoned that place also.

And forget about Bageriet hackspace in town, only lasted a few month last year. Punks had a party sabotaged for neighbors who complained.

But at Kontrapunkt, things is as usual. Still having openhouse every Tuesday evening. Atm very low irl activity, on this Malmoe hack/maker -space. The number of visitors to us, can often be counted on one hand.

Kontrapunkt so called: “kontrapunkts -kreativa -verkstäder“, have other workshops same building. That also have openhouse at same day (Tuesday evening). They organize people-kitchen, concerts, croquis, guitar -builders (woodwork), screen-printing, and various political activity, -mostly leftist thingy, dono..

The assumption from other visitors seams tobe, that we only hacking computers. But I don’t know, don’t wana squeeze out alphaomega. Because they are naked in the other room, croquis.

Wish to think, if you have idea for any project, making things, trying to solve problem, this is the place you should goto. Our core purpose maybe is to do stuff with opensource or openhardware. But having more than one hear, we trying tobe open and constructive. Take a peek at the wiki, check the mailing -list, or irc. -that actually have some activity if you idle awhile. And if you have a grand idea howto get more activity, visit us Tuesday evening.

Maybe not everybody like to document what they do, is sortof a minimalist myself on that. Working on it. Okey, this was this blogpost.

-A note to the picture, The “K” was missing, snuffed, used “X” to misspell to “forsken”. Btw Kontrapunkt setting up lots of bars and lockers, dono how “open..” that may appears. These magnets was made here, sorry if they not in the wiki.


Nu är det dags igen! På tisdag den 25:e Februari kl. 19:00 börjar vi om med workshops för att undervisa allmänheten i grundläggande IT-säkerhet.

Denna gången har vi 5 workshops planerade för sista tisdagen av varje månad, med början nu i Februari.

Var: Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26b (Kontrapunkt Kreativa Verkstäder)
När: 19:00 sista Tisdagen varje månad

Ni kan se ett schema spikat på Kontrapunkt och på anslagstavlan utanför Fabriken/Cykelköket.

Som vanligt är alla välkomna men vill man delta i praktiska övningar så bör man ha med sig en dator med WiFi-kort. Vi ska försöka rikta oss till alla vanliga operativsystem så som Windows NT, Macintosh OS och GNU/Linux.

Det är ej obligatorisk anmälan på mest så att vi kan få en idé om hur många som kan tänkas dyka upp.

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Tisdag 2013-11-26: Dagordning
Tema: Krypterad chat
  • Demonstrera mjukvaror, hjälp till med installation
  • Pidgin (Windows NT och Linux)
  • Demonstrera OTR
  • Starta chat mellan två deltagare
  • Förklara att OTR kan användas även över Facebook-chat som medium
  • Gå över till förklaring av PKC i samband med OTR
verifiera mha tcpdump, ettercap och/eller wireshark
Intresseanmälan, så att vi kan avgöra hur mycket utrymme vi behöver.
We’re also quite confident in English, when needed.


We are planning a series of free public workshops. The first workshop will be called “Basic Internet security, for the public”.

When and where: 2013-10-29, at 19-21. At Kontrapunkt, Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26, Malmö. Just show up, or fill in this form: (The page is in Swedish atm, let’s call it beta. Plz just let us know if you are many, and if you prefer to do the workshop in English, that can also be arranged.)

You should bring: an open mind, a laptop computer, extension cord, a snack.

There will be followups on similar topics, at other hack/make-places. Stpln/fbrkn, FooCafe. Gothenburg Hackerspace, yeeey.

2013 mass  surveillance disclosures, many by Edward Snowden.

Here is a Swedish radio program about it

We will discuss open and secure alternatives in general, irl. Lots of stuff.

On a closely related topic, there is also a free seminar at foocafe, the day after, with Pirate Party MEP Amelia Andersdotter, about “personal data protecion and exemption”.


netttEnd picture.

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