Now we have a big banner with our logo on that we can bring with us on all this cool hackerevents around the world. Big up to mackt, the cop and New Kids on the Block (a.k.a. Smutsiga Södern) for the design of our logo.

See more of our work with the banner on our Flickr.

And btw, New Kids on the Block is always willing for designing stuff – Just contact him!

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3 Responses to We made a big banner of our logo!

  1. Jon says:

    Den monogramaktiga bilden i loggan är jäkligt snygg. Bra jobbat.

  2. mackt says:

    jon, jag gillar den också. det tog ett tag innan jag började gilla loggan nu tycker jag den är clean och tuuung :)

  3. copyright says:

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