We had our first meetup in the new space. It seems we haven’t been excessively good at communicating where Forskningsavdelningen is located these days.
Yesterday we were at Kontrapunkt Social Center on Västanforsgatan 21. It’s the door to the left of the van in this picture.
This is where we will be until we move into our new locations.

Our room was littered with stuff since the move but luckily we found a nice work area in a nearby room. It took some time to find our boxes of tools, but once found we started hacking with the help of lots of energy drinks two forskers brougt as a moving in gift.

Some people were working on the house bot project initiated this weekend, there was some problem with the motor shaft couplings that were eventually solved by large amounts of epoxy glue.

We did some improvised hot wire styrofoam cutting in preparation of next weeks Sterling engine project. It was super fun cutting styrofoam with a hot wire.

Equipment used:

  • some nichrome wire
  • a piece of wood
  • 4 screws
  • a computer PSU
  • a rubber band (optional)

Boomlinde, our in-house musician, provided entertainment in the form of djembe drumming and sweet calimba vibes.


You have until March 10th to send a few words on the projects or the subject that you would like to present at Breizh Entropy Congress, a hackfest taking place in Rennes, France on April 15-17 2010 and themed around creative use of free technologies. Hackerspaces are most welcome!

ANYONE can submit a proposal to Breizh Entropy Congress: students, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, artists, hackerspace members… on ANY subject related to free and open technologies. This congress is about eclecticism!

To participate, send a mail to cfp AT breizh-entropy.org including the following points:
- Format of the submission: lecture, workshop, installation, lightning talk, other…
- Title of the submission
- Name of speaker(s)/presenter(s)/artist(s)
- Language (if applicable): French/English
- Summary of the submission
- Short bio of the speaker
- Hardware/logistics requirements
- Contact e-mail and (if possible) mobile phone

The complete call for proposals is online.

The Breizh Entropy Congress team is looking forward to your participation, and is grateful for any kind of distribution of this info!

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