Or just wait one week until nrli.tv releases their event documentation. Hacknight #2 was inspiring over expectations. Way over a hundred innovative people from different backgrounds. This is what we call a “god forsk” (good research). Imagine having a common ground for underground-hackers inventors activists artists old-schoolers. This event was exactly that. One tight concentration of future in the minds of the attendants in the street of Industrigatan, Malmö. We had guests and speakers from  Paris, Copenhagen, Bergen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Svedala, Landskrona, Mantorp, Eslöv and others.

From the 80′s came a silver-dome “Time machine” which served as a social gaming ground for serious arcade pong players. Unfortunately one abc800 disk-drive killed itself with fire in the “Time machine” no animals were harmed. Business cards, floppydrives and knowledge were swapped.

Free food and tosti were distributed to hungry forsk’ers (scientists) and extreme amounts of “extreme cola” were ingested.

Big up to Anna, Goto80 and Glenn Again, stg, chrisk, Samira, Brokep, raccoon, Peter Stuge, Teddy and Björn, Smutsiga Södern, frithiof.

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9 Responses to If you were there you know. If you missed it you will have one year to wonder…

  1. [...] was there. He had brought the RepRap, but was soon on his way to spend two days at Dreamhack. Forskningsavdelningen them selves seem pretty happy about the turnout of the [...]

  2. Shane says:

    Great times!

  3. raccoon says:

    Indeed. Can’t wait til next year, thanks everyone!

  4. Shane says:

    Hacknight coverage update.

    Hello Everyone,

    Thanks everyone who participated and for all the help!

    As you probably know the trailer is up. You can find it on youtube by searching for hacknight, it comes up as the number 3 video. Or it can be downloaded as a huge 1080p version from the pirate bay if you wish.


    Status. As you probably know our sound guy was ill and so we have been working on sound issues…but we are getting through it step by step..some clips will sound a little messy…but its audible and understandable.

    The Samira Ariadad, Peter Sunde and Mandos interviews are all going to final cut next week and then to dig into the CK, Kugg, GN, and Raccoon interviews. Starting next week I will release them one at a time about every 3 days.

    There is so much good content its amazing. My time and resources are limited, so for now…past the speeches and interviews… I will make two very short documentaries that I will make and have out in late August.

    I have spent the last 4 months looking at what innovation is here in Sweden. If we look forward a 1000 years in history at these moments in time and what Historians will say… they will talk about some of the people and concepts that I have had the opportunity to meet and learn about. It’s inspiring. Thank You.

  5. Shane says:

    Christopher Kullenberg’s interview is up at http://www.nrli.tv

    Mandos should be up Tuesday.

  6. Shane says:

    Mandos Part 1 is up.

    Also, here is a sneak peak for anyone reading this to see Christopher’s interview Part II.


    Please Share them, like them, favorite them and follow NRLI… It helps to promote the videos in the YouTube ratings. It would be nice to see more things with substance go viral.

  7. Shane says:

    Samira Ariadad Interview on Netbased Commons, Part I, is now available.


    I brought the audio on this video sound engineer and he said I could not do much with it. Down the road I can balance the levels a bit but right now I am working in an environment that has no ventilation and is about 35+ degrees and was there 12 hours today…so some details are lacking. From the heat I think I lost a few kilos which is a good thing.

    Good news is…Gustav Nipe’s video is done and so is Part II with Samira. Want to give Samira’s first video a chance to get an audience before releasing the next two.

    70% of the way through processing Raccoons sound on his presentation. The last 30% I need to get some outside help on..so a bit of a delay. Christopher Kullenberg’s speech should be out later in the week.

    Its a lot of fun editing the videos. Almost everyday I have been learning more about Final Cut and get the chance to go to hacknight again and again!..sort of like groundhog day ;-)

    Hope you are all having a good summer!

  8. Shane says:

    Cool new pic!

    Most everything is up. Just the Peter and Chris presentations to go. I am sans computer to process the HD videos on for right now and can only get access about once a week….hence the delay.

  9. [...] was there. He had brought the RepRap, but was soon on his way to spend two days at Dreamhack. Forskningsavdelningen them selves seem pretty happy about the turnout of the [...]

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