Hossi, Phrst, and Kugg from Forskningsavdelningen are now cruising Europe in the search of knowledge and inspiration. So far we have re-visited C-Base in Berlin and Metalab in Vienna attending PlumberCon. The upcoming week we will continue towards Micro in Munich and eventually Hacking at Random in the Netherlands.

We hope to see you during our journey!

We had a workshop in which the participants built up and exposed the flaws of a telephone system at PlumberCon. We noted how you may intercept fax messages if you turn a modem in to ATC0 mode before putting it into standby mode. Really interesting stuff.

We also met Andie from Sweden (currently working in UK) who among other things taught us the fundamentals of online communication and “blogging”. Thanks a lot!

Stay true!


PS: As an after-the-fact addendum, I, Olleolleolle, heard “Forskningsavdelningen” being pronounced in a creative way, by astera of the PlumberCon crew, in a recent episode the venerable Off the Hook 2600 radio show. There was praise of the aforementioned workshop. Congratulations.

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So we went to this conf did a keynote got tons of respect and love from local hackers and entrepreneurs etc.

After that we went to another talk at the modern art museum about artistic typography. The speker was a complete crazy person whose focus was about her business model. Her assumption was that a client is not a client but a commissioner. So the relation between her and her customer was according to her a mutual respect and idea exchanging type of thing. In reality it was her bossing around and obscuring other peoples books. She worked with concepts such as “no page numbering”, “folded pages” and “printing on coffee paper”. Her outgoing style was creative but stubborn so if a commissioner would refuse her ideas she would drop them.

This gave her allot of room for her artistic expression and the crowd was astonished and impressed by her way of working and also the end results (which I think was of mediocre quality considering that the use of typography is for 1, structuring reading 2, attracting reader).

I guess you are probably thinking, you dont have to go to Poland to figure this out. But actually you do have to go at least somewhere to see how your relation to your creativity makes a huge difference on “product end user experience”.

So I put this new experience in to relation to the previous delivery by me and Olle on Bootstrap on which we were creative but not very stubborn, sort of “creative in a modest way”. Which in itself was a success but more a success of inspiration then a success on product delivery, that is convincing Warsaw hackers that they should not be afraid of hardware and sharing space for their productions.

Thats all from my braindump for now. In addition Id like to say “öst är bäst”.

Further, the idea of having a conf for three hours or so is very intresting. Reasons: low hosting cost, low attention span demand, good focus ie, good results.

Thanks for your time, regards Kugg.

Invited to talk in Warsaw! Me (Olle) and Kugg go to the Warsaw tech meetup Bootstrap to show and tell about Arduino, and about Forskningsavdelningen. This will be on Saturday April 4.

Big props to our hosts Marcin and Tomek for letting us sleep on their couches.

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