At Hacknight Anna F will host a learn WordPress workshop, for blogging beginners. This workshop aims at helping beginners get going, but everyone’s welcome. Content includes:


  • Setting up the blog
  • Get the right plugins
  • Styling the visual look
  • Maintenance tactics and avoiding spam

Starting time: 19.00 (Anna will be able to help you prepare from 18.00.)

Running time: at most as long as a feature-length movie.

How to participate:

  • Bring your laptop computer
  • On your laptop, install a web server with PHP, for instance XAMPP or MAMP
  • — alternatively, have a web hotel account, at which you want to install WordPress
  • Download WordPress

After the workshop, the space will turn into a personal publishing discussion area. Talk about Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, design new plugins, or implement new ideas. Or just hang out.

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this blog post. See you!

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