We have updated hacknight.se – Go and check out the schedule and spread the word!

Hacknight is a free one-day creative tech conference in Malmö, Sweden on June 19, 2010.

Local hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen invites you to enjoy tech culture unfolding. Hands-on workshops and a captivating speaker track will cultivate and realize ideas. Network with participants from all over the scene.

A large, industrial house plays host to the hordes of interested tech heads. For the duration of the conference, the hackerspace is extended to encompass the whole building.

We have quite a few topics to choose from that will be announced as soon as we have fitted them into the schedule. We are still open for workshop suggestions though. As we have quite a large space for this purpose we have room for two or more workshop areas for example.

Talks begin at 17.00 and will be in 1hr slots, but are not yet set as of which talk will begin when. Workshops will have introductions before they start and then continue at one of the workshop locations for a limited or unlimited (until hacknight is over) time.

Go and tell your friends! hacknight.se

We also made a Facebook event so invite your friends and spread the word!

6 Responses to Hacknight #2 – Days of love, nights of hack

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  3. [...] drove down to Hacknight #2 at Forskningsavdelningen a Hackerspace in Malmö. I was thrilled to be in the car with “my [...]

  4. [...] drove down to Hacknight #2 at Forskningsavdelningen a Hackerspace in Malmö. I was thrilled to be in the car with “my [...]

  5. [...] got me thinking of when I was at Hacknight 2 in Malmö this summer, arranged by the hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen (The Research Department). Samira Aridad talked about Common Space, or rather Netbased Commons. We [...]

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