Last week we wrote a Call for Participation and updated, but we forgot to mention it here. In short we’d like you to think about and tell us (before the end of June) what you’d like to show and/or do together with others at Hacknight, our yearly creative tech event.

This, our third, Hacknight will take place the first weekend of August, that’s right before CCCamp! We decided on this weekend as it would be a great opportunity to gather fellow hackers and friends for a CCCaravan from Malmø to near Berlin, more on that later.


Call for participation: Hacknight <3

Workshop organizers and speakers, we call on you to join our creative tech weekend in Malmö on August 6th and 7th, 2011. Send your proposal to

Hacknight is a free-to-participate creative tech weekend, the third ever.

Local hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen invites you. Hands-on workshops and a captivating speaker track will cultivate and realize ideas. We embrace beginners and experts, do you know something that everyone else knows or something no one else knows about, we want you here. Nothing is too mundane or intricate.

We have secured a large building to host the event.

Go and yell at your friends! We’ll publish more details at

Free, Libre and Open.

What do you get out of it?
For a workshop you get a space in a corner somewhere with participants. You can have a short and focused workshop, or a longer drop-in time slot. We will be in a new location this year, Kontrapunkt, so there are lots of small rooms to use.

For a talk you get: a time-limited talk slot, and an MC introducing you, and a great eager audience. Perhaps even a projector.

Describe your workshop
Here’s your guide to getting your Hacknight activity evaluated and eventually incorporated into the programme. We love your activity, and we want to help you realize it with us. So, email

First, describe what you want to do. Include a few words about yourself, perhaps an URL, or an image. You decide. This will be used next to your workshop or talk item, in the programme.

Deadline for submissions at the end of June.


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