We had a Super-forsk yesterday.

When I arrived, I was hungry, and had planned on leaving quickly for a pizza snack or so, but others had been absolute darlings and made a rough “pasta ceci” with white pepper sprinkled over it. This they promptly served me. So tasty. Them freegans sure can cook.

Me, I was mostly cleaning up. The workspace in the library now has less junk on it (the keyboard keys I put in a labeled black plastic box – feel free to use them for art/crafts/science; the spraycan caps are in a “mixed container”). The duplicate library books are now marked as such, and put in the entry area of the social center itself, so visitors and others can pick them up. Idea: perhaps these excess books could be put in a more public space, with Forskningsavdelningen flyers in them, to lure people in?

We also did a formal meeting, which was useful, and quite quick, time-wise! (If you people who were there feel that I were pushing the time forward too quickly, let me know in a private email, and I’ll make it smoother next time.) Kugg will soon publish the meeting notes on the mailing list; lots of interesting details there. Like, what tools we are interested in getting.

The entry area got some shine on it, when “the guy in the black cap and glasses” built a neat shelf and a flyer table. I updated the information on the walls and in the flyer shelves by throwing out outdated material. Most of the posted material was outdated. Perhaps a Hacking At Random flyer could sit well there…

The others were inventing and making as usual. A vertical drill had been installed in the new, small metalworking area.

Streaming with GISS was explored, and also explained to some extent.

We learnt that our Danish friends in Hacklab.dk are excellent at systems administration, and we congratulated them profusely (in absentia, but still).

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