We had a Super-forsk yesterday.

When I arrived, I was hungry, and had planned on leaving quickly for a pizza snack or so, but others had been absolute darlings and made a rough “pasta ceci” with white pepper sprinkled over it. This they promptly served me. So tasty. Them freegans sure can cook.

Me, I was mostly cleaning up. The workspace in the library now has less junk on it (the keyboard keys I put in a labeled black plastic box – feel free to use them for art/crafts/science; the spraycan caps are in a “mixed container”). The duplicate library books are now marked as such, and put in the entry area of the social center itself, so visitors and others can pick them up. Idea: perhaps these excess books could be put in a more public space, with Forskningsavdelningen flyers in them, to lure people in?

We also did a formal meeting, which was useful, and quite quick, time-wise! (If you people who were there feel that I were pushing the time forward too quickly, let me know in a private email, and I’ll make it smoother next time.) Kugg will soon publish the meeting notes on the mailing list; lots of interesting details there. Like, what tools we are interested in getting.

The entry area got some shine on it, when “the guy in the black cap and glasses” built a neat shelf and a flyer table. I updated the information on the walls and in the flyer shelves by throwing out outdated material. Most of the posted material was outdated. Perhaps a Hacking At Random flyer could sit well there…

The others were inventing and making as usual. A vertical drill had been installed in the new, small metalworking area.

Streaming with GISS was explored, and also explained to some extent.

We learnt that our Danish friends in Hacklab.dk are excellent at systems administration, and we congratulated them profusely (in absentia, but still).

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I just got home from our weekly Tuesday meetup. I’m stoked, elated. I had an excellent time.

Today, my goals were quite simple: get there, and put up some nice magazine holders for the library (paper, IKEA, 19 SEK). Which took about three minutes to do, but it looked great. I also brought some decorative wallpaper and an electrical screwdriver – stuff that collected dust at home.

Then Kugg described the Norwegian success of HackBergen and the plans hatched by the hackerspace at Sosiaalikeskus Satama (Helsinki) to meet up with us. The Norwegian smart women had made a little folder, so I begun work on an information folder. I got derailed, but the idea’s sound: a quick information hand-out is good.

We had two visitors from hacklab.dk: Mark and Aslak, who came by and focused on learning more about what goes on at our place, and what they wanted to do. The Hacklab guys recently cracked the non-security in a national school test that had been moved to the Web. When they knew how to do it, they released it. Media interest ensued, and party politics entered the picture, fingers were pointed, but all in all, it seemed like Hacklab guys emerged quite unscathed by the whole affair. Well done!

I helped seek out some resistors for Linda and Kugg’s amazing project. Good thing someone had made an effort to sort all the resistors into boxes grouped in large groups. Made it a human task. I got to train my visual identification skills, and remember more resistor colors. They got some solid soldering down.

OPTOShield, gives you 12 relays.

Long-time mailing list hang-around Petter came by, and showed his recumbent bicycle. When he saw the hardware shop with all the dead bikes, he exclaimed “You could build… four-five recumbents out of those parts!” He had practical and concrete advice and ideas that ache to become reality.

Cissi played us a lullaby on a dumpster-dived guitar. She also built metallic net reinforcements for some mikes used for bass drums – mostly to avoid breaking the membranes when someone fatfingers them during setup. “Plus, they look punk rock now.”

Next week: more of the same. I’m going to try and build a bit more storage and do some tool care.

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Hey, a research report is due, so here it is.

Tuesday’s meetup was quite ordinary: we got together, had some coffee, laughs, and tinkering. Some activities were heads-down concentration, others were much more social.

We opened the box that held 10 phones and a PBX. No manual! Googling got us nowhere fast, so kugg just began tinkering with a hookup for a phone. Video was shot of the unboxing. Not so great footage, though.

These were not your regular RJ-11 jacks, but a thinner connector, like something out of your PC’s innards. Following color codes and using a crimp tool, he got it right. A red handset with a GNU sticker on it was quickly connected, and there was much rejoicing when we heard an audible click from the relay that did the connection to the phone-line inside the unit.

Forskningsavd.se IRC old-timer hossi, came by, and introduced some p2p ideas, and showed his mobile-phone streaming setup (quite sweet). Olle introduced him to Mercurial, and test-drove Mozilla Bespin.

Linda was tinkering with her uncooperative Win laptop’s wireless connection.

Gunde was building more audio infrastructure for multi-channel recording and mixing (with NetJack), there were new external soundcards for the Linux box, and before the meeting there had been a cleanup action, which prettified the whole physical setup of the computer.

Some library software was tested. It did not really pass our quality reqs: needs to run on a very old computer. Soon, we’ll have a pro librarian around.

phrst did something obscure with the computer.

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