Exec summary: RabbitMQ, Java/Android, machining RepRap parts, Linux kernel compilation.

Not everyone was in time for the meeting, but we had a full quorum just in time for the important vote. The night was bitingly cold. In spite of that, the folks congregated in the couches around the meeting table was quite numerous. The vote was a resounding YES. We are moving!

qzio and Emma could supply details about the ReST architecture talk. Over some fastfood, Olle expressed interest in RabbitMQ, a hip and trendy piece of software. phrst made it clear that he’d been using it successfully at work for two weeks, and declared that he could explain it. Turns out: he could. In minutes, we were following a Python tutorial, learning the concepts. See Part One, part two, and part three. An impressive piece of working Erlang culture, allowing great simplification of software. “It has grown so much in the 14 days I’ve known it. Used to be that there was only the AMPQ specification document. Now, there’s this whole documentation culture.” Two weeks, and already a veteran of a software subculture.

The work to create a turn-key, one-stop, ActionScript-to-Java package continues. StG and jonasb were heard talking about their stack, which involves Visual Basic and ActionScript that generates Java. And on the other hand: Java.

The RepRap machine had fallen down from its table, perhaps last Friday. It had taken some physical damage. Five (5) parts were in need of replacing, and phrst wielded the drill-press carefully, slowly making new pieces. Bootstrapping using a knock-off Dremel.

In other news: Today marks the one-year anniversary of the goodwill-generating, member-attracting, community-strengthening, hardware-donation-inspiring police raid. Please do click randomly to read more about that. Innovation and tech culture continues unabated.

We also had Extreme Cola in abundance.

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