Local cultural festival Möllevångsfestivalen is running on its fifth year. Their IT person’s moved to Stockholm, so Forskningsavdelningen stepped up to the task of dusting the cobwebs off their web presence.

Möllevångsfestivalen 2010

Var med och skapa festivalen — Möllevångsfestivalen är den folkliga kulturens plattform, ett öppet forum för folket att uttrycka sig med kulturen som redskap. Alla lokala artister, konstnärer, kreatörer och kulturarbetare är välkomna att delta. Var med och skapa en folkfest där gränsen mellan skapare och betraktare suddas ut och vi blir alla medskapare till en festival av folket för folket!

It reads like a maker’s manifesto. If you can read Swedish. So, we like the festival.

“By maintaining the existing web platform, theming, and editing detailed information we support and enable local culture, while building upon the efforts of other volunteers” hackerspacer Mikael says.

He muses: “When we work for free, we get to choose our tools, and set our own pace. It’s quite liberating. We meet for work parties, and we’re unburdened by organization. We named Olle our contact person for this project, that was it. Now we have CSS code and images for the theme, and a Git repository to share the information. We can get this done while having fun and learning new things.”

Forskningsavdelningen does this work pro bono. Our wiki page about that explains how “working for free” works.

Festival resources:

Previous years’ photos on the festival’s Flickr page and festival movies at Youtube.

Comics artist Mattias Elftorp designed the logo. Interview with the artist.

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