Hossi, Phrst, and Kugg from Forskningsavdelningen are now cruising Europe in the search of knowledge and inspiration. So far we have re-visited C-Base in Berlin and Metalab in Vienna attending PlumberCon. The upcoming week we will continue towards Micro in Munich and eventually Hacking at Random in the Netherlands.

We hope to see you during our journey!

We had a workshop in which the participants built up and exposed the flaws of a telephone system at PlumberCon. We noted how you may intercept fax messages if you turn a modem in to ATC0 mode before putting it into standby mode. Really interesting stuff.

We also met Andie from Sweden (currently working in UK) who among other things taught us the fundamentals of online communication and “blogging”. Thanks a lot!

Stay true!


PS: As an after-the-fact addendum, I, Olleolleolle, heard “Forskningsavdelningen” being pronounced in a creative way, by astera of the PlumberCon crew, in a recent episode the venerable Off the Hook 2600 radio show. There was praise of the aforementioned workshop. Congratulations.

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