Or just wait one week until nrli.tv releases their event documentation. Hacknight #2 was inspiring over expectations. Way over a hundred innovative people from different backgrounds. This is what we call a “god forsk” (good research). Imagine having a common ground for underground-hackers inventors activists artists old-schoolers. This event was exactly that. One tight concentration of future in the minds of the attendants in the street of Industrigatan, Malmö. We had guests and speakers from  Paris, Copenhagen, Bergen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, Svedala, Landskrona, Mantorp, Eslöv and others.

From the 80′s came a silver-dome “Time machine” which served as a social gaming ground for serious arcade pong players. Unfortunately one abc800 disk-drive killed itself with fire in the “Time machine” no animals were harmed. Business cards, floppydrives and knowledge were swapped.

Free food and tosti were distributed to hungry forsk’ers (scientists) and extreme amounts of “extreme cola” were ingested.

Big up to Anna, Goto80 and Glenn Again, stg, chrisk, Samira, Brokep, raccoon, Peter Stuge, Teddy and Björn, Smutsiga Södern, frithiof.

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