We have been silent for a while; the winter is quite cold here. But, hey, let’s brag instead! This week’s Tuesday meeting saw diverse activity:

When we were done with the photo box and the scale model, we had to store them somewhere. The photo box sits in the ceiling, on top of some well-insulated pipes. The model was dismantled, to be re-built and perhaps even painted, at a later date. Needing a Barbie to stand next to it.

In the near future, we will host a Saturday Forsk – yes, the plan is really to host one once a month. A Saturday Forsk is a prolonged slack event with a theme. The upcoming theme is “Luften är fri”. (Thanks for the name, we will only borrow it, Sparvnästet!)

Watch this space!

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The past Thursday looked something like this, in Swedish, reported by Olle:

Dundrande syntar och fabriksoväsen samt en pajad lösenordsfil hindrade lite, men jag fick visat programmet Animata för salkinitzor och linde. S jobbar Max/MSP, och det lirar med Animata, som låter en göra sprattelgubbeanimation.

NoSubstitute förklarade CACert jättebra för alla, han var en duktig assurer.

Quinn byggde en fin pappershållare till sin käresta på lasern. Inspirerade mig till att skära ut en bokstav som kan backlightas.

Terninator routade kretskort.

stg Flashhackade med libraryt Starling.

jonasb androidpratade med RoboCortex.

virtuald kom med en kamrat som jag missade att prata med.

Det kom ännu en person till som stg introducerade stället för. Tack stg för allt sånt.

Annika kom vidare med tillverkningen av sin trehjuliga hoj.

Tantverket fick fart på sin mattvävstol. Den behöver förstärkas med ett stag på något sätt för ökad hastighet.


At the Saturday Forsk this past weekend, our little band of researchers gathered to watch video-taped conference presentations from the annual Berlin conference “Chaos Communications Congress”. Some of the presentations were well done. Some presentations sucked. Since we had pre-screened some of the content, we could steer clear of the more amateur presentation efforts. Most of the time, it’s the presentation, not the content, that sucks.

To replicate this video experience, please visit the 28c3 youtube channel.

Some of the published conference code examples were run on personal computers, and it seemed to work.

To keep our cheer, we made fast-food in the microwave, fetched falafels from across the street, and people had brought snacks to share.

As the day went on, long-standing minutiae got fixed: wall-mounting components cases saved bench-space and allowed more people to work in the room.

We have rebooted into 2012, and this year you are most welcome to join us. Tuesdays at Norra Grängesbergsgatan 29, and Thursdays at the “Fabriken” basement at Stapelbäddsparken 3. Seriously, you should come. Bring something to work on, or something you want to learn.

See you!


Nu på lördag 7/1 har vi årets första lördagsforsk!

Det kommer att knappas på datorer och byggas på projekt och det blir videor från 28c3 och snacks. Kanske kommer det att finnas glass.

Om det fanns ett tema skulle det vara knappar och spakar.

Vi börjar kl 11.30 med lite videor.

Platsen är Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26.

Kom kom!

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