Relevant to your interests: go to the May 31 (Thursday night) event instead of the Fabriken Open Lab. (Since you can only solder at so many parties, we try to make sure there are enough people in the right places!)

Hey all!

Most of us will attend the soldering/electronics event tomorrow.

We suggest you join us there instead, as attendance to the open lab night will likely be very low.

The address is:

Skånes konstförening
Bragegatan 15

214 30 Malmö


The time is: 18:00 to 22:00

Facebook event

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Our friends Raquel Meyers and RåFILM is holding a awesome workshops, check below for more info:

Are certain kind of aesthetics connected to certain kinds of political issues!? Does it always have to be like that? What if you altered the aestethics connected to the issue? Could you reach new audiences with altered visual styles?
Come and create your own political graphics in 8-bit aesthetics! Learn how to perform visuals using 8-bit pixel graphics and/or text characters (letters, numbers and other symbols). No previous experience is needed.

Bring your own media to convert, it can be stills, interviews, video material and more! Create a theme that connects visual form with your political issue of choice.

Raquel Meyers and RåFILM is holding this unique workshop in Malmö 28-30 of april!

This workshop will cover for example Ascii, Ansi, PETSCII and Teletext (“Text-TV”). The purpose of the workshop is to find new ways of expression in these unique media environments. Although often misunderstood as limiting and difficult, these tools are often quite helpful to develop new procedures, ideas and motivations. New ideas don’t require new technologies. Sometimes it’s even easier to be progressive with old tools.

The workshop will be held by Raquel Meyers who works with low-res graphics and photography for performance, web, video and installations. Since 2004 she has performed at VJ-festivals like Mapping and Cimatics, at 8bit events like Tokyo Blip Festival and the Playlist exhibition, aswell at Transmediale, LABoral and LEV Festival. She currently lives and works in Sweden.
Read and see more on: //

RåFILM is a film collective that for over a decade has worked with finding new ways of connecting art and activism, doing animations, documentaries and more. Read more at;

– 28 – 29 April – a two day workshop at Kontrapunkt in Malmö. 1-8PM
– 30 April  - screening on a local wall near you! We gather at Möllevångstorget at 8PM. (If it´s raining we´ll come up with a plan B.)

- No previous experience is necessary!
- Bring a computer. We have some extra computers that people can borrow if you ask us in advance. Most of the software works in Windows, but there will be options for Mac & Linux too.
- If you have material you want to use, bring that.
- The workshop will be held in English.
- Location; Kontrapunkt Kollektiva Verkstäder, Norra Grängesbergsg. 26
- Limited amount of participants to 10 people! Please e-mail ( or call
(0735-538344) to Alex Veitch to book a place.

Puss och Kamp!
///RåFILM och Raquel Meyes

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Nu är det dags för det så många har frågat efter!

För ganska exakt ett år sedan var vi mer än 100 pers som under den kallaste helgen i mannaminnen spenderade 48h i en hangar i Västra Hamnen för att starta Malmös finaste Maker-space. Nu ett år senare har Fabriken levererat otaliga timmar av hackande och skapande.

Nu är det dags igen.

23-25 Mars från kl 17.00 fredag till 17.00 söndag. På lördagskvällen blir det även musik o häng på STPLN.

Varmt välkomna!

Mer info finns på Stapelbäddsparkens sidor

P.S. Av någon anledning har vi missat att nämna det här tidigare. Vi ber om ursäkt om du på grund av detta inte kan komma.


Another Lördagsforsk event will be held this Saturday, Feburary 25.

Theme: GSM and osmocom-bb

Place: Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26, at high noon – 12:00

Entrance fee: Free!

A presentation and workshop about the Open Source GSM baseband software osmocom-bb. With osmocom-bb you can do anything a regular GSM phone can do. The difference is that osmocom-bb is Open Source all the way into the airwaves. Using only a Motorola mobile phone, you can learn everything about GSM.

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