People showed up, took to their projects, and begun finding their stuff.

phrst decided to make some room in our room. Good plan, but very hard to get done. We moved a few things into cold storage – oh it is so good to have storage!).

omni took care to select and deselect some collected junk.

Artur used the crank-operated FM radio to play some Russian (?) talk radio. Sounds of crying children was the intro to a song. Baffling.

Annika was creating something bike-related. When she left, she carried a small bike-wheel in her bike basket.

We had a social call from one of the organizers of the culture house we reside in, and planned for future collaboration. Some concrete IT plans grew out of this – if you are interested in key fob systems, WordPress theming or otherwise solving greenfield problems there is room for more hands. There is also a need for improving the network at all the addresses.

(Greenfield? That is IT slang for projects where you make the technical decisions others have to live with, not the other way around. Brownfield development is a cute word for maintaining existing systems in a sustainable way.)

During the conversation, it was clear that much of this could be half-way solved by adding some explicit signs around our house. Signs and billboards to post “I need a new hacksaw” or “LDAP debugging needed” notes.

We got to know each other a little more. But the most concrete result was qzio‘s team lead on the “fix the website” project for the culture house organization.

Anders the Carpenter reorganized the furniture in the carpentry room. This was to make room for some new machinery and furniture due on Saturday.

Olle and Markus moved some furniture, and discovered that the textile workgroup seems to have rebooted. Their space is in the back of the place, where there used to be an office. If you want to join that effort, we can perhaps guide to an email address.

When almost everyone had left, Anders found some speakers, set them up and found one of them broken. Immediately, he lugged it over to a workbench, unscrewed the top, and found the broken cable at the back. “You guys have solder,” he said. Together we fixed the connections and put the speaker up.

Also moved: The huge mat that you can dance on. We moved it to the dance room. The huge drum in the carpentry room was moved to storage. To rein in the flood of paint cans, a bookshelf was put up. Besides holding cans of paint, it makes for a nice interior wall, hiding the chaos of the paint can collection.


If you want to come help lug some stuff, send an email to kontakt at We meet at 11 AM on Saturday, at Nöjesteatern. Using a big van, we will move more tools to the place.

Also, qzio is planning to make a WordPress theme, and he would enjoy any assistance. He will set up code collaboration on the Forskningsavdelningen GitHub.

lakevalley promised to run a “Get to know the oscilloscope” on next Tuesday.

Stuff that came up during conversation

The building phase will last throughout the winter.

We may get to install a metal floor in the metal workshop area, when the building phase gets that far.

There is an Internet radio station at the culture house’s other address.

The textile group seems rebooted.

Klubb Kristallen have begun using their space a lot more, and are constructing clothes hanging tooling out of pipes.

The Clothes Library is an active group at the house.


Our old space at Industrigatan is now closed!

We are temporarily located at Västanforsgatan 21. There are several entrances, some of which may be locked from time to time. The northern entrance should always be open on Tuesdays.

Palestinska Föreningen is located in the same building and may be a good waypoint, but we do not share the same entrace.

The part of the building where we have set up shop belongs to Kontrapunkt, so ask around for that if you are unable to find your way in.
Click for big map

As soon as our new facilities are ready we will move again – so don’t forget to check back before heading our way. The new place is just one street away from this temporary location.

PS. Thanks for the house-warming gift – two cases of Red Bull to keep us going strong! Very nice!

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