BlushingBoy will set up a booth at Hacknight #2! “The goal for the night will be to have fun getting to know as many as possible within the Sweet South community of hackers and doers while putting together some electronics.”

David promised some activity, and just look at the list below. That’s one powerful little booth.

BlushingBoy logo

BlushingBoy is an online store for DIY electronics. Protip: Contact them if you’ve got stuff to sell.

CBM detailSoftwear close up

Quoting from David’s announcement:

  • make your own Softwear or Nerd Uprising t-shirt. Bring your own t-shirt, we will have the screens and the ink with us.
  • …or just get one of our designs, we have 30 of each to sell, so bring cash
  • get some of the Adafruit catalogue, cheap Arduino boards, and some of our kits that we still have in stock
  • check out and pre-order some very nice Japanese magazine-kits from Gakken
  • an Arduino pushing PCM sound out of a digital pin and a block of code in the need to become a library… bring your own Arduino board, a stereo plug, some headphones and let’s crack the code together


At Hacknight Anna F will host a learn WordPress workshop, for blogging beginners. This workshop aims at helping beginners get going, but everyone’s welcome. Content includes:


  • Setting up the blog
  • Get the right plugins
  • Styling the visual look
  • Maintenance tactics and avoiding spam

Starting time: 19.00 (Anna will be able to help you prepare from 18.00.)

Running time: at most as long as a feature-length movie.

How to participate:

  • Bring your laptop computer
  • On your laptop, install a web server with PHP, for instance XAMPP or MAMP
  • — alternatively, have a web hotel account, at which you want to install WordPress
  • Download WordPress

After the workshop, the space will turn into a personal publishing discussion area. Talk about Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, design new plugins, or implement new ideas. Or just hang out.

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this blog post. See you!

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We have updated – Go and check out the schedule and spread the word!

Hacknight is a free one-day creative tech conference in Malmö, Sweden on June 19, 2010.

Local hackerspace Forskningsavdelningen invites you to enjoy tech culture unfolding. Hands-on workshops and a captivating speaker track will cultivate and realize ideas. Network with participants from all over the scene.

A large, industrial house plays host to the hordes of interested tech heads. For the duration of the conference, the hackerspace is extended to encompass the whole building.

We have quite a few topics to choose from that will be announced as soon as we have fitted them into the schedule. We are still open for workshop suggestions though. As we have quite a large space for this purpose we have room for two or more workshop areas for example.

Talks begin at 17.00 and will be in 1hr slots, but are not yet set as of which talk will begin when. Workshops will have introductions before they start and then continue at one of the workshop locations for a limited or unlimited (until hacknight is over) time.

Go and tell your friends!

We also made a Facebook event so invite your friends and spread the word!

För ungefär ett år sedan så anordnade vi Hacknight, ett lyckat event som lockade över hundra personer. Vi hade ett gäng olika talare, workshops och folk som träffades, diskuterade och gjorde saker.

Nu vore det kul att  anordna ett Hacknight #2 men det är mer jobb än man tror, mat ska lagas, möbler ska flyttas och ställas i ordning, ljud och ljus på scenen ska riggas, workshops ska hållas, tal ska talas och massa mer. Om du känner dig peppap på att ställa upp med hjälp eller hålla ett tal/workshop eller bara vill komma med idéer så är det bara höra av sig till kontakt |at| eller komma en tisdag från kl. 18.

Läsbart om Hacknight:

Christopher Kullenberg: Sommarhacktivism och bifurkationspotentialer

Olle Jonsson: Hacknight 2009 rundown

Btw, det kommer att vara ett möte imorgon  (tisdagen den 20e april) från kl. 18. mellan hackerspacet i Göteborg (GHS) och Malmö där vi kommer ha ljud/video-möte mellan varandra. Så ta dig till oss eller Göteborg för att vara med i planeringen av Hacknight #2.

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