Hi there folks!

There has been alot of things going on lately, mainly moving. Our main research focus at the moment is the movement. Movement of our space that is. Since we feel that status is one of the greatest achievements amongst men our last move was to move our space to August Palms plats 1, to where we were invited by the kind and generous Malmoe city political and economical elite.

Since this fine opportunity was given to us, we decided to shake our grudges of the past. There are no longer any hard feelings over the trivialities that led to us losing our first space and alot of our equipment – everything is forgotten and forgiven.

We have also been offered a generous number of filing cabinets as a substitute for the keygrinders and other equipment that was taken from us. This is of course totally awesome! We really need to start archiving our research findings and resource (read: internet, equipment) useage statistics, now that we have realized that the trend has come to stay – ISP’s and government agencies are into the technically fascinating areas of both stateful filters and archives.

Since our new home is governmental, from now on there will be a dress code. For those who cannot afford a proper suit, work-attire requests can be filed at the front desk and you will receive the standard issue attire within two weeks.

Also note that we are now part of http://www.malmo.se/fou, so we will keep our previous abbreviation FoU – but want to point out that it is no longer in any way related to “Forskningsavd. of Utkanten”.

You are welcome to apply for documents regarding papers and forms to fill in in order to be part of our weekly four hour tuesday meetings (with one or two five minute coffee  breaks). Since we are new to this method  of operation, one hour of each tuesday meeting will, for the time being,  be loosely dedicated to talking about and studying the bureaucracy and  hierarchy of the new organisation. Note that the meetings are sometimes longer as we have to follow protocol.


We got moved by the system <3 / Kindly The Research Dept. of Malmoe City


For the Hackathon event last weekend, we wanted to build a robot and decided to go for a kiwi-drive.

The kiwi-drive is a three wheel drive configurations that use special wheels to achieve omnidirectional movement.

The robot was designed in Corel Draw (that’s what the laser cutter prefers) during the two weeks leading up to Hackathon and parts were purchased so that everything would be ready when the build started. We also moved the design from Corel Draw, via AutoCAD for cleanup, to SketchUp for a virtual test assembly and rendering to make sure everything would fit together.

The design was named KiwiRay, from kiwi-drive and stingray as the original design kind of looked like a stingray from above. Those design elements were later removed, but the motherboard mounting plate was shaped as a stingray instead.

The idea behind the platform was to create a design that uses only standard, easily available parts, so that anyone can reproduce it. The exception is the wheels from vexrobotics, but they can be replaced by any wheels of the same type. Other than that it uses an Arduino Uno, NEMA 23 motors, M5, M4 and M3 nuts and bolts and the chassis is cut from any 4mm material – plastic/plexiglass, wood or even metal. It can also easily be redisigned to support a wide variety of ball bearings and motors and has enough space to fit virtually any choice of motors, stepper drivers and even gear boxes if necessary

The Arduino provides a simple serial interface and does all of the required drive calculations. It also provides an add-on interface that can be accessed using the same serial link and allows up to over a hundred expansions to easily be added to the system. The first two addons will be a battery voltage monitor and an emoticon display.

The actual build went smoothly, all parts fit together nicely although some nuts turned out to be quite hard to get attached, prolonging the build time significantly. We didn’t get as far as we’d like, but the entire platform was assembled during the weekend and can now be controlled over a usb-connection that will be hooked up to the on-board computer once that is finished.

See our wiki page for the details.

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Två golv + live graff av NER crew. På Utkanten. 100:- i dörren. Facebook event.

EDIT: När datumet bokades så var det ingen fest dagen efter på lördagen. Nu visade det sig att Asylgruppen har sin födelsedagsfest (de fyller 20 år) på lördag som allså blir sista festen. Inträdet är minst 60:-, stöd gärna asylgruppen! Och de öppnar dörrarna 22!

We are hard at work, moving things to new sites. New locations, new futures!

Saturday and Sunday this week was spent cleaning and hauling stuff to a temporary storage. Much effort was spent, but it begins looking good up in the closing lab space at Utkanten.

On Tuesday, we will have a closing ceremony, a final Utkanten-based meetup. Same place, same time. We have a new home, and will continue our activity uninterrupted by the location swap.

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