We are planning a series of free public workshops. The first workshop will be called “Basic Internet security, for the public”.

When and where: 2013-10-29, at 19-21. At Kontrapunkt, Norra Grängesbergsgatan 26, Malmö. Just show up, or fill in this form: http://workshop.forskningsavd.se/ (The page is in Swedish atm, let’s call it beta. Plz just let us know if you are many, and if you prefer to do the workshop in English, that can also be arranged.)

You should bring: an open mind, a laptop computer, extension cord, a snack.

There will be followups on similar topics, at other hack/make-places. Stpln/fbrkn, FooCafe. Gothenburg Hackerspace, yeeey.

2013 mass  surveillance disclosures, many by Edward Snowden.

Here is a Swedish radio program about it https://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/255022?programid=1300.

We will discuss open and secure alternatives in general, irl. Lots of stuff.

On a closely related topic, there is also a free seminar at foocafe, the day after, with Pirate Party MEP Amelia Andersdotter, about “personal data protecion and exemption”.


netttEnd picture.


2 Responses to Workshop-series “IT security, for the public”

  1. Saimum says:

    I’ interested in this workshop.but I need this in English.
    I’m here in Lund with a project of freedom of expression for online hhuman rights defenders. I’d workin. Under Lund University & Swedish Institute in SIDC program where there are 13 participants from 8 different countries are developing their own project. I hope we’ll love to join

  2. Precis vad ni har på gång här, vad en stor plats. Jag är alltid på här ser de senaste nyheterna och uppdateringarna.

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