At the Saturday Forsk this past weekend, our little band of researchers gathered to watch video-taped conference presentations from the annual Berlin conference “Chaos Communications Congress”. Some of the presentations were well done. Some presentations sucked. Since we had pre-screened some of the content, we could steer clear of the more amateur presentation efforts. Most of the time, it’s the presentation, not the content, that sucks.

To replicate this video experience, please visit the 28c3 youtube channel.

Some of the published conference code examples were run on personal computers, and it seemed to work.

To keep our cheer, we made fast-food in the microwave, fetched falafels from across the street, and people had brought snacks to share.

As the day went on, long-standing minutiae got fixed: wall-mounting components cases saved bench-space and allowed more people to work in the room.

We have rebooted into 2012, and this year you are most welcome to join us. Tuesdays at Norra Grängesbergsgatan 29, and Thursdays at the “Fabriken” basement at Stapelbäddsparken 3. Seriously, you should come. Bring something to work on, or something you want to learn.

See you!


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