Please note: an old report added for more completeness.

Attending: Olle, phrst, Annika, StG, virtuald.

Olle came to show off the newly-arrived TI MSP430 Launchpad units. (Promptly, there were stared at, and junk was moved around instead. Order is so useful. We left the room in a better state than we found it in. But still, many things could be stored “for parts” or “for use someday.” I am now up to quite many projects that have been started and are still interesting – but not much time to do them.)

StG did some 3D modelling of the shell for a product. Looked really good, but he kept saying he did not have the eye for it. The rest of us chipped in with style advice, viewing it with fresh eyes. (“Looks good” isn’t much of advice, though.)

virtuald has begun designing a clock, a custom piece, running on batteries. He talked through some issues with parts sourcing and build structure.

phrst soldered a kit: a variable-voltage transformer, priced at a few hundred SEK at the local Electrokit. It ran! No LCD or anything, but with a multimeter you can check voltage. You can make do.

Annika was wood-working. Her tool cabinet has been finished and is highly practical.

Also, we improved the way-finding help on the website. The stills we shot became an animation that moves the viewer all the way from the hubbub of Norra Grängesbergsgatan into the courtyard of number 26, and further on, into the Forsk. We put the animation on the About page.

Personal note from Olle: On the way home, I was invited to a game of the fast-paced competitive card-game Race for the Galaxy. And I won, for the first time ever.


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