A quiet Forsk night this Tuesday. Nice, for a change. We have had much to do the last couple of weeks. Moving house – we have made room for more activity at the other activity house by moving our junk and gear out of storage – some of it onto a junk table at NGBG.

Present: 7 sciencers.

It is action, not rest, that constitutes our pleasure –John Adams

Olle continued work on the model of the Hexayurt, which has been sitting in a pile for while. Lakevalley helped cut paperboard.

phrst and omni showed the rest of us how to weld using the MIG welder. Sparks and safety! Three or four people let sparks fly.

omni took another stab at fixing the Forsk’s WRT router, which supplies Net to the house.

Davey and David were planning and discussing mad, large projects.

Annika kept working on metal projects.

We got leftover cake from Klädoteket (the Clothes Library). They are nice.


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