Processing. It is fun. The examples make you happy. Learning it is a well-documented process. And there are many sources for learning it.

Choose File/Examples/Libraries/Video Capture/ and pick an interesting starting point.

I liked the Frame Differencing sketch (yes, a “sketch” is what they call a minor program) by Golan Levin.

I took the liberty of fiddling further with Levin’s work, and made the program into a “game”. I wanted the program to complain about the user moving too much:

// just a number I grabbed (fiddle with this!)
int threshold = 4465911;
if (movementSum > threshold) {
    // Use fill() to change the value or color of the text
    // "R, G, B" makes this yellow
    fill(255, 255, 0);
    text("Sitt still!", 100, 360);

You can embellish this further, by adding a custom font! See File/Examples/Basics/Typography/ for more inspiration. The font file should be added to the sketch using the Sketch/Add File... menu item.

I only wrote this so that you’d be prodded to fiddle a little with Processing. At Forskningsavdelningen meetings, you’ll probably meet people that experiment with it. Here are some beautiful visual assets to animate.

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