This past Tuesday was an ordinary Tuesday.

But at the Forsk, there were many faces, some folks I never saw before. Much welcome! Lots of activity. This is a partial log of events, to give you a feel for what you missed.

One tall young long-hair (haha) helped out cutting and stripping cable pieces for a huge project StG is diligently working on. He said: “I program Java and C. And I tried Processing, and mostpixelsever (that multi-screen addon). And I tried openframeworks.” I did not see if he had brought a computer. Moral: always bring gear. And, dear long-hair, bring a computer with some code next time, and explain some stuff. It’d be cool. You have lots to contribute.

For myself, I had brought nothing. So I helped strip cable. Hrm.

Annika brought a small project soldering some cable headers onto individual cables in a computer board with a power switch and two LEDs (harddrive and power). “I’ve had this multimeter since I was 14.” and “It was ten years ago since I last soldered anything.” For those who read previous details, she’s a veteran of Malmö Uppfinnarförening (Inventors’ Association of Malmö).

Web hacker Oscar came to the Forsk for the first time, and had brought some software projects with him. “I want to test stuff in Rhino and in V8“, he said on the phone, when he asked me if anyone was there. Minutes later, he was in a couch, explaining the finer points of jspec, a JavaScript testing framework written in Ruby. He and I sat down with laptops and explained stuff to each other. I wanted to make better testing for MailControl, which is a kind of “MVC for email”. You could wire it up to remote control your programs via specific email addresses and commands in the Subject and Body sections of the email. PB stopped by and brought candy and crisps, and had some questions he needed answers for. One was about a small job, and another was “which CMS is a good backend for a full-Flash website solution?” Ease-of-install and previous knowledge led him to use PHP-based Typo3. “Find their RSS plugin, and fiddle with it, to get a simple XML export, that might please your Flash masters.”

kopimi passed by, as did Hanne. qzio was not feeling well, and stayed home.

Teddy was concentratedly talking on a headset, probably networking about networks. (So much activity is going on that it’s hard to keep up with projects. And much of the activity can be a bit quiet, so you need to poke your nose into it.)

faidros had found one of those “joystick with games in it” and hooked it up to an existing TV set. The sounds of ancient games filled the room. Those sounds are quite wonderful/annoying.

phrst was building a mechanical machine that was using the drill-press to make holes in a CD, and used a part of an old harddrive and some wooden board with holes in it. He demonstrated its parts and people wowed.

omni came by and handled some hardware. He treated me to a late-night post-Forsk falafel in Möllan.


3 Responses to Tuesday report

  1. David says:

    I have a feeling that I know, but it might be a good idea to mention somewhere who “me”, “myself” and “I” is?

  2. Olle Jonsson says:

    It is me, me, me!

  3. Philip Linde says:

    Oh, hello there! Young long-hair guy here. I would bring my computer tomorrow to show you some stuff, but I’ve caught a nasty fever! I’ll definitely come by next Tuesday, though, and then I’ll show you some of my 1 000 000 on-hold processing projects/C64 stuff, and maybe some stuff I did in school (I study “interactive sound design” – flum+skoj).

    … then I guess I’ll continue cutting cables and absorbing the nice atmosphere :)

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