Local hacker group launches jewellery-making project to support third-world wireless sharing project

Forskningsavdelningen (Swe. “The Research Department”), the hacker collective in Malmo, Sweden is participating in the summer festival from the city area of Möllevången (Swe. “the windmill meadow”). This annual festival grows as an alternative to the official events arranged by the council. It is a community-driven activity where the different associations in the area co-create a friendly and open atmosphere. This year, among the traditional concerts, carnival parade and food-stands, the Research Department will launch a project to help out other hacker communities in the world.

The vibrant Möllevången neighborhood will again be electrified with two intense days of events and happenings. The Research Department will join this effort, hosting open sessions both days. Their sessions are open from 15.00-18.00 both Friday and Saturday.

One of these workshops, hosted by Forskningsavdelningen, is about re-using found electronic parts, either building new things, or remaking them into jewellery. Yes, ear-rings and brooches, made out of the innards of home electronics. The maker pays for the materials, and all these proceeds are sent on to a similar group in a developing country.

The beneficiary of the donation will be the Jalalabad FabLab in Afghanistan. Visitors get to build and wear cool ear-rings, or a brooch, and at the same time, wireless hackers in Afghanistan get support for their community projects. Currently, the Jalalabad FabLab is engaged in the FabFi project, which creatively and cheaply shares Net connections wirelessly. The FabLab recently built and installed FabFi networks in a school, hospital, university, and a non-governmental organization in Jalalabad.

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Forskningsavdelningen’s English-language website is http://forskningsavd.se/

The website of Jalalabad FabLab in Afghanistan is http://fablab.af/ which lets you find their blog. The FabFi project can be found at their wiki. FabFi summary is better when you’re in a hurry.

Questions? Just call Olle of Forskningsavdelningen at +46-709-776714.

2 Responses to Make jewellery to support FabLab Jalalabad’s wifi project

  1. Amy says:

    This is fantastic! Hope to see pics soon.

  2. Olle Jonsson says:

    Hi Amy,

    The event was mildly successful in terms of money collected (a meager 27 USD, which is already sent), but the mix of people we met at the event was encouraging. “Oh, I won’t be making jewellery, but here is my donation.” was one reaction.

    I printed some of the website materials from the FabLab Jalalabad, and hung them in our festival booth. The material was quite good.

    But pictures tell more than 1000 words. Later, Amy. When I take the darned pictures. I was so excited during the event that I forgot it. Continuously.

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