On July 11, there is Hacknight where we among other things will:

  • host workshop on lockpicking, Arduino, radio, soundsystems, and more
  • art building table: remix old electronics
  • learn about FRA legislation, IPRED, Internet and surveillance

Go and sign up at the wiki event page

Or why not just come and enjoy yourself with a coffee in a couch with good music and hang around meeting new people.

Free food will be served, and warm beverages.

RSVP at the wiki event page, OR email to kontakt @ this domain name. We need it for scaling.

You are most welcome!

Translated from Swedish announcement.

Programme items

Some awesome programme items include interesting people. Jacob from Mikrogalleriet will show his progress on a “Open Gameboy-like” especially designed for musicians. We have invited the Rebike project maker Dr Büttrich from Denmark, and hope to have him show a thing. David Sjunnesson of 1scale1 might also show something. Kugg fromt he department will give a talk about Phone Phreaking with arduino. Lots in the works. Tell your friends.

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