Hey, a research report is due, so here it is.

Tuesday’s meetup was quite ordinary: we got together, had some coffee, laughs, and tinkering. Some activities were heads-down concentration, others were much more social.

We opened the box that held 10 phones and a PBX. No manual! Googling got us nowhere fast, so kugg just began tinkering with a hookup for a phone. Video was shot of the unboxing. Not so great footage, though.

These were not your regular RJ-11 jacks, but a thinner connector, like something out of your PC’s innards. Following color codes and using a crimp tool, he got it right. A red handset with a GNU sticker on it was quickly connected, and there was much rejoicing when we heard an audible click from the relay that did the connection to the phone-line inside the unit.

Forskningsavd.se IRC old-timer hossi, came by, and introduced some p2p ideas, and showed his mobile-phone streaming setup (quite sweet). Olle introduced him to Mercurial, and test-drove Mozilla Bespin.

Linda was tinkering with her uncooperative Win laptop’s wireless connection.

Gunde was building more audio infrastructure for multi-channel recording and mixing (with NetJack), there were new external soundcards for the Linux box, and before the meeting there had been a cleanup action, which prettified the whole physical setup of the computer.

Some library software was tested. It did not really pass our quality reqs: needs to run on a very old computer. Soon, we’ll have a pro librarian around.

phrst did something obscure with the computer.

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