At Forsken, yesterday, here’s a short recap.

New people; with mobile sound wagon project

New people showed up! Three folks with a “Dramaten” bag-wagon were making a car battery-powered mobile sound system, and asked for knowledge. Kugg shared what he knew. (Later, he said “I had learnt it all during this year, which started with us trying to build a ‘car battery-powered mobile sound system’ [we failed but learnt much].”) I missed taking their email addresses, so if you read this, just shout out – we want to follow your project. It’d be cool to publish a recipe for this, since it seems to be everyone’s initial step into Making Stuff Themselves.

Copy & Paste library!

Amazing Gunde invited me to be part of Biblioteksgruppen (Swe. The library group). So, now I am. We liked the idea of making a Copy & Paste library for graphics and images and other weird items. For Sharing & Remixing. We’ll pick a good piece of repository software for cataloging. If you’re aching to catalog & collect stuff, give us a shout. Gunde also upgraded the junked PC I’d found in the trash on Sunday, and also already installed Debian on it. He’s totally my hero.

Work on the numeric keypad continues

Linda and Kugg co-worked on an electronics project using optocouplers on an Arduino board, to control a numeric keypad. They drew some really useful, colorful schematics.

Gammu hacking

phrst did some mobile phone control programming, using the Linux system Gammu. His cell phone was constantly beeping.

Ended the night at a local falafel joint, where Kugg explained the ins and outs of hardware industry patents.

See you next time! -Olle


2 Responses to Research Report, March 24

  1. Projekt Dramaten says:

    Hej! Tack för hjälpen i går! Det låter som en bra idé att göra en guide till mobilt soundsystem. Jag ska prata med de andra så kan vi försöka dokumentera & fota hela processen och slänga upp nånstans sen. Ses nästa tisdag / Tove (en av de tre nya)

  2. Hurra för forskningsavd! Hurra för Dramatengänget på

    Skit bra sida, vi kommer bli Malmös hetaste häng snart :)

    Pepp på att vi har transkriberings-captcha nedan (du som inte fattar, tryck på frågetecknet)

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